Hot Metal Detector are used throughout the metal & metallic enterprise in many extraordinary many extraordinary applications detection, monitoring, and duration control. Due to their rugged rug layout and construction, our HMDs are constantly used for operation in harsh business harsh business environments steam, water, dust, shock, vibration, and oil for many years.

Internal temperature repayment circuits render the HMD appropriate for extreme ambient temperature conditions.* IR sensors inside the HMD spark off when the radiation acquired from the recent item recent item exceeds the positive value; after that, the electric switching circuit is activated. However, For ambient temperature above 60°C, suitable air or water cooling needs to be furnished for the lengthy existence and reliability of the HMD.

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Hot Metal Detector: Specifications

Temperature Response Range 550 … 1,500°C
Dispersion Angle
Supply Voltage 24 V DC
LED IndicationGreen (Power), Red (Detect)
Output 3-wire PNP NO, Relay NO + NC potential free
Operating Temp+20 … +60°C (without cooling)

Static Hot Metal Detector: LOGIKA

Specifications: Hot Metal Detector

  • Power input: 24VDC or 110/220VAC ±10%
  • Output: Relay NO/NC @ 5A and PNP/NPN
  • Detection Range: 0.2 – 8m
  • Response time: Relay
  • Target item temperature: 300°C/500°C – 1400°C (572-2624°F)


  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Easy to evolve to specific plant environments
  • LED indicators: Green = Power ON / Red = Detection
  • Automatic Threshold Level Adjustment – to save you sign saturation
  • Laser positioning: Easy to intention seen aiming laser.
  • Self-diagnostic check feature
  • Enclosure: IP66 mill-responsibility enclosures with cooling jacket and air purging.
  • Fast reaction time
  • Fiber optic cable model to had for intense, excessive warmness installations to defend circuitry

Static Hot Metal Detector: DELTA

  • Detection from 400 °C
  • Viewing angle: 15° vertical, 4° horizontal
  • Designed for harsh environment

Since, The Stato Sonde Z3 is a hot metal detector used to detect products with temperatures over 400 °C / 750 °F. It has been design to perform in et al. generators and foundries. Industries Presented in a resistant case, it’s miles design to used inside the extreme situations of the metal industry. It consists of a defensive hood with air purging and a non-compulsory cooling jacket.

Working Principle: Hot Metal Detector DELTA

However, The current inventory’s infrared radiation is centered via means of a lens, after which it accrued via means of a photo electric powered cell. When the power stage is over the adjusted stage, the output of the Stato Sonde Z3 detector is switched on.

Special Features:

Special features for Hot Metal Detector:

  • So Optical field: 15° vertical and 4° horizontal, adjustable with a shutter on the front facet of the protecting hood.
  • Then High cutting-edge static output, relay output, or stable kingdom relay.
  • So External sensitivity adjustment (placed below the duvet on the again facet of the apparatus).
  • Firstly, TEST characteristic to simulate warm products from the managed room (constructed in the lamp for simulation).
  • Secondly, Multi color LED indicator.
  • Lastly, Optional connector and silicone cable with defensive metal braid (Z3 -C-).
  • So The frontal hood may hinged right down without difficulty easily the sensor lens. However, the defensive hood is prepare with an inlet for compressed air to hold out dust.
  • A cooling plate is to had, with water going with the drift charge of two I/MN, to used while the ambient temperature is over75 °C / 170 °F.
  • Modular construction, permitting speedy maintenance.

How to use hot Metal Detector? Video Demo