Instagram: It is pretty possibly which you have observed it yourself. But, the reality is this feature of Instagram motion pictures nevertheless is going very unnoticed. More than anything, due to the fact now no longer all mobiles, Android or iPhone, they could come to revel in this very beneficial tool. In addition, it reminds us to a super volume of packages such as Twitch or YouTube, wherein we also can pick the precise minute and 2nd that we need to play at the phone.

What is it and what’s it for

This feature is being observed mainly in every of the motion pictures which can be uploaded as a regular publication. If earlier than we located the choice of IGTV, due to the fact that Instagram wager completely at the reels, This segment now no longer exists. And that on the time changed into so successful. Powered with the aid of using Hooligan Media

Basically, this tool, or as an alternative feature, lets in us to rapid ahead or backward Instagram motion pictures to our liking. So that? Very easy, similar to in other apps or systems like YouTube and Twitch, they allow us to see the precise minute we need of the clip we’re watching. This social community determined to do the identical for all the ones guides that have been simply motion pictures.

However, relying at the telephone that we’ve, further to the working system, the bar will seem with which you could pause a video, play it, flow it ahead or backward for your liking. For example, we’ve executed the take a look at with an iPhone and an Android.

As you could see with inside the following image, it does permit us to rewind clips, pause them, etc. However, on Android we’ve now no longer been capable of locate this alternative. However, as we said, it isn’t always continually the identical, so it’s going to rely upon the tool we’ve and, above all, on whether or not we’ve up to date the utility at the telephone.

In addition, many customers have benefited from use this identical function on Reels. So, Instagram on this case, has observed the identical approach that Tiktok mounted some time in the past that we will have manage with a playback bar that we will flow with simply one finger.

From the Instagram App

In the occasion which you can not get to revel in those options, Android mobiles gain from being capable of consist of this tool downloading Instagram wager. To do this, we ought to lodge to the loved Apk documents that we will locate on special net pages.

Of course, you ought to permit the feature of Install unknown apps and permit the browser you use (in our case it changed into through Google Chrome). To obtain this, you ought to comply with those steps:

  • Go into the settings of the Android phone.
  • Click at the apps tab.
  • Tap on Special App Access.
  • Access the Install unknown packages option.
  • Select the software program from that you are going to down load the apk.
  • And finally, switch on the transfer below Allow downloads from this source.

Once that is executed, you could enter, for example, APKMirror and down load every other model of Instagram. In our case, we’ve examined the following: “Instagram beta”. With this app we’ve now no longer been capable of revel in rewinding and advancing the Reels, however we do have the opportunity of doing it with inside the motion pictures. Something that we couldn’t get with inside the utility that we had downloaded from Google Play.

Other options

The fine issue approximately having a cellular is that we will produce other options to rewind the motion pictures of the Meta social community. We will simplest want one of the many packages so as to permit us to down load any clip that we see on Instagram. After which flow ahead or backward with inside the minute that we need from the telephone’s personal gallery. Or, it’s going to now no longer also be vital to down load it as we are able to see in iOS.

1. IG Downloader

In this case, we’re going with an utility that we will down load absolutely loose on Google Play. The poor facet of this software program is that. On every occasion we visit use it, an advert will pass us so as to pressure us to attend some seconds.


Once you down load the app from the Android utility store, you should input it and comply with those steps:

  • Get on Instagram.
  • Click on a video or Reel which you prefer
  • Tap at the 3 vertical dots > reproduction hyperlink.
  • Then pass to IG Downloader in your smartphone.
  • Paste the hyperlink that we had copied earlier.
  • Click the down load button (we’ll ought to see an advert again).

When the down load is finished, we are able to at once see the clip with inside the utility or see with inside the gallery of the Android phone.

2. Reposter on Instagram App

On the iPhone matters extrude a bit. If with inside the beyond this app become one of the quality alternatives to down load films from Instagram. Then store them at once with inside the gallery of Apple mobiles, matters have modified a bit. But, in any case, it will likely be beneficial for what we’re seeing now, rewinding or advancing clips from this Facebook social network.

Therefore, the primary element we should do is down load the software program from the App Store, and it’s also absolutely free:

When we set up it at the iOS terminal, we can ought to furnish it a chain of permissions. In addition, we should hyperlink the app with our Instagram account. It might be as smooth as logging in. Then, we can ought to comply with those steps:

  • Enter the Instagram app.
  • Select the Reel or video you want.
  • Click at the 3 horizontal dots.
  • faucet on Copy hyperlink.
  • Then pass into reposter and paste the hyperlink.
  • Once it loads, click on on the percentage icon and pick out the option «Open in Browser«.

Once it opens with inside the browser, we can be capable of circulate forward. Backward or pause the clip that we’ve taken from the social network.

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