Welcome to our Little Alchemy 2 Cheats Guide on how to make Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2. Every step to creating Oxygen from the four base items is shown directly below. No more clicking around websites or scrolling to get what you want right now, how navel is that?

Recipes for Making Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2

Oxygen can be produced in four ways:

  • Algae + Sun
  • Grass + Sun
  • Plant + Sun
  • Sun + Tree
  • Carbon Dioxide + Algae
  • Carbon Dioxide + Grass
  • Carbon Dioxide + Plant
  • Tree + Carbon Dioxide

We highlight the third recipe (Sun + plant) because it is the simplest to obtain. Then we’ll go over where to get the ingredients.

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How to Make a Plant?

The following are the steps involved in planting a tree for oxygen in little alchemy:

  • Earth + Earth= Land
  • Land + Land= Continent
  • Continent + Continent= Plant
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Water + atmosphere= Cloud
  • Rain results from the combination of a cloud and water.
  • Water + Water= Puddle
  • Puddle plus Puddle equals Pong
  • Pond plus Pond equals Lake
  • Fire + Fire= Energy
  • Energy + Cloud = Lightning
  • Lightning + Lake= Life
  • Life + Land= Soil
  • Rain + Soil= Plant

You now have the Plant, but the second ingredient in the recipe is missing.

How do you create the sun?

These are the procedures for creating Sun for making oxygen (Some recipes are included in the previous section.)

  • Cloud = Sky + Air
  • Sun = Fire + Sky

You can now get your Oxygen from the sun and plants.

How to Make Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2: Uses

The following recipes will then require.

Carbon Dioxide in little Alchemy

  • Animal + Oxygen
  • Bird + Oxygen
  • Fish + Oxygen
  • Human +Oxygen

Ozone Oxygen in Little Alchemy

  • Electricity + Oxygen
  • Oxygen + Oxygen


  • Oxygen + Metal
  • Steel + Metal

Scuba Tank Oxygen in Little Alchemy

  • Oxygen + Container


  • Oxygen + Philosophy


  • Oxygen + Wine

Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2 is a simple and straightforward crafting game. Mix items made of air, water, fire, earth, and fire to find spaceships, planets, and unicorns.

Combine items to make a new world! Discover interesting items with amusing descriptions in the large, fascinating library.