We hope you’re having fun with Tree in Little Alchemy, a very addictive and entertaining game. Trees are all around us, so it seems only natural that we should be able to create them in Little Alchemy using our base elements.

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Because we believe in creating from the ground up, we’ve included the steps for making Tree in Little Alchemy from scratch below.

In Little Alchemy, how do you make a tree from scratch?

  • Air and Water = Rain
  • Rain and Earth = Plant
  • Earth and Fire = Lava
  • Stone = Air + Lava
  • Sand = Air + Stone
  • Glass is made from Fire and sand
  • Time = Glass and Sand
  • Time and Plant = Tree

Tree In Little Alchemy, the first two steps are for making Plant, and the following two are for making Time. We will not discuss these because they have already been covered in previous posts.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Achieving a Tree

Making a Tree in Little Alchemy will take some time because the objects required to create it need many concoctions and unusual things. So here’s the way to make trees using Plant and Big.

Firstly, start with the aid of using making Big for Tree in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Air and Air also make Pressure.
  • Earth and Pressure from Stone.
  • Earth and Earth collectively will make Land.
  • Land and Land will also shape a Continent.
  • Then, mix two Continents to make Planet.
  • So Air combined with Planet will create the Atmosphere.
  • Water and the Atmosphere make Clouds.
  • Fire and Fire mixed collectively make Energy.
  • Energy plus the Cloud will make Lightning.
  • Water and Water make a Puddle.
  • Mix the Puddle collectively with another Puddle to make Lake.
  • Lightning and Lake collectively will shape Life.
  • Life mixed collectively with Land will create Soil and animals.
  • Combining Water and Earth turns into Mud.
  • Mixing Mud and Stone collectively makes Clay.
  • Life plus Clay will make a Human.
  • So Human and Stone mixed collectively form Tool.
  • Humans and an Animal will make Domestication.
  • Bird and Domestication will make a Chicken.
  • Chicken and Egg will make Philosophy.
  • Philosophy with Planet to make Big.

Next, make Plant from Tree in Little Alchemy 2

  • Cloud and Pressure shape Rain.
  • Since, Rain and Soil make plants.

Finally, combine Plant and Big to create Tree.

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Recipes That Require Tree in Little Alchemy 2

AshTree + Fire
BeehiveBee + Tree
CactusTree + Desert
+ Tree
Carbon DioxideTree + Night
CharcoalFire + Tree
Christmas TreeTree + Candle
Gift + Tree
Tree + Light
Light Bulb + Tree
Tree + Star

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