Welcome to OverMains, this article is about Find My Device Alternatives. Google Find My Device has been designed that will help you in locating your misplaced Android phones, watches, and tablets.

All you want in case of looking is to open Google Find My Device and tune your google registered gadgets.

However, If your misplaced cellular is out of records. Or Wi-Fi attain then you can understand approximately the ultimate place while the mobileular turned into in records mode.

Since, GPS will offer you the place with viable precision, which won’t be accurate. So After finding, you can pick to play sound on most extent for five mins even in case your mobileular is silent.

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Also, you may lock your tool with particular statistics to be proven on display to the individual. That selections it up in order that he can also additionally touch you.

By the choice of erasing the tool. So You burn all of the records found in your tool which additionally makes your tool un-findable for google too.

Besides these, its indoor maps assist to locate your tool at shops. And crowded locations and additionally offers you with the hardware statistics of the worried tool.

Further in this article we discuss some best Find My Device Alternatives.

Samsung Dive: One of the Find My Device Alternatives

Samsung Dive: Find My Device Alternatives

Since a clever cell incorporates numerous information inclusive of private facts, your private facts can be compromised in case you lose it.

The Samsung Dive carrier allows you to limit the opportunity of your private facts turning into public the usage of the faraway locking and faraway wipe-out capabilities whilst you lose your cell.

In addition, you may locate the area of your misplaced cell the usage of the Find My Mobile function. You can use the Samsung Dive carrier as follows.

Prey : One of the Find My Device Alternatives

Prey : Find My Device Alternatives

Prey is a light-weight utility to help you tune and discover your pc or cell if it ever receives stolen. It works in Windows, Mac OsX, Linux and Android.

You can now improve to a Pro account and overlook approximately the 3 tool limit. You’ll additionally get get admission to to extra features  to help you preserve higher tune of your assets  both whilst lacking or not.

Coodeproof: One of the Find My Device Alternatives


Embrace the electricity of mobility to develop your commercial enterprise as a cellular-first corporation.

The complete Codeproof corporation mobility answer empowers your commercial enterprise to stable, set up and manipulate cellular programs and records on smartphones, tablets, IoT gadgets and more.

The SaaS corporation cellular safety platform is constructed at the elastic cloud stack for flexible, scalable, stable and efficient mobility operations.

The Codeproof cloud console allows centralized Mobile Application Management, Mobile Content Management and Mobile Device Management.

The platform boasts Geofencing and time-primarily based totally coverage enforcement to manipulate your gadgets in which you want, whilst you want.

We envision management with inside the IoT and cellular safety section via way of means of setting up a secure surroundings for the cutting-edge corporation to connect, examine and carry out higher than ever before.

Track and Protect: One of the Find My Device Alternatives

Track and Protect: Find My Device Alternatives

Track and Protect is suggested quality Professional Remote Security service. Remote lock, alarm, find on map, photo, backup and restore, name returned and more, all through the web. Even after SIM change! Generate police reviews for optimum recovery.


  • Get your phone area on a map instantly.
  • Lock your phone remotely and show proprietor information on telecellsmartphone screen.
  • Get thief’s telecellsmartphone variety and the front face photo!
  • Keep faraway manipulate and music telecellsmartphone area even after SIM change.
  • Wipe your contacts, calendar, messages, and photographs remotely.
  • Feel stable approximately your telecellsmartphone and your data.
  • If lost, growth the danger to get your treasured phone return.
  • If stolen, Handover all of the information to the police.



Since, Using Patented Region detection technology, GadgetTrak evens the Percentages of Improving a stolen pc or Cellular phone with the aid of using Pinpointing the region of your pc, who has it, even what they’re wearing!


After Analyzing this review, you have to be capable of choose a Mobileular phone tracker free app that excellent fits your Requirements.

However, The excellent Parental Manipulate and contact tracker apps Encompass Mobile Tracker, FamiSafe, and Snoopza.

If you need a free GPS tracker to display your personnel and fleet, you could use the free Phone GPS Tracker and GPS Phone Tracker & Mileage Tracker app this is well suit with maximum Android devices. Travel buffs who need to music the gap Traveled at some point of a ride can use the Geo Finder app. I hope you like this article about Find My Device Alternatives. Thank You!

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